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TCG cards
well yeah :D...decided to start doing this, cuz their shiny and I have no life...anyways
tcg_exchange cards...cards under cut...

hopefully it's just till January. :|
Last Updated July 24th 2011
(granted I do forget to update the date xD)
My exchange_trade post is the most updated with my current priorities.

[Name] Chandni
[Level] 11
[Cards] 1105
[Trade Logs] I, II, III
[Activity Logs] I II III
[Masteries]I II III
Comment if you want to be buddies :3


Total: 45 | View more Here and Here

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05 08
09 10


02 04
15 16
18 20


03 04
05 06 07 08
09 10 12
13 16
18 20




Currently Focusing on Unsent, Puzzle, Ruin and Scherzando. (pending: )


First Priority Futures
Not trading. Dreams > Black (pending: )

Medium Priority Futures
Not Trading. Pride = Loyal > Time (pending: time11, )

Low Futures
Not trading. Crow = Cynic > Primrose (pending: crow10, primrose19?)

Future Future
Might take any of these. Not Trading (pending: boots13?)

Keeping. Not trading, not taking (unless I ask) (pending: )

I'm almost positive I'm going to collect these eventually. If there is only one card from the deck, I'll trade it. Not taking unless I ask. (pending: king15? )

The REALLY low priority
All tradable, unless I have more than 3 cards from the deck!

Only certing for retired cards.

Event Cards
Collecting Yellow Event Set (armband, crystal, katana, racquet, slippers), any retired event cards (might cert if I have a lot of certs xD), mod event cards, as well as extra oathkeeper cards. Not for Trade.

Basically shiny cards xD. Not trading. Looking for key20 and lost13 at the moment (no holds please).


Special cards
(worth two normal cards)

Cards for Lotto, Card Ex, Card Shop, etc.
So I don't have to search through my trade pile 8D. These cards will be the first to go. Let me know if you want me to hold it before it's gone!


Offered/Pending Trades
dreams09 -- FIGURE OUThanakoanime for king15

Holds are indefinite (unless you disappear for a long time without notice) so take your time ^^.

Holding Notes
wildmusings is holding zero12 (offered!)
mobiuswolf is holding time11 and crow10 (Card Post)

Hi~~ Welcome to the game!! ^.^

Would you take this for that raven12?

I've updated my card post and your card is definately up there! So you can put up that summon18 now. So sorry for the wait. :)

XD..I had already updated it before..well thanks for notifying anyways :)

Hi there! :) for spirit01?

(Deleted comment)
Hello there~ Welcome to the game! :D

I was wondering if you would like to trade that cute little pokedex84 card for this shiny summon07? =3

Let's be trading buddies! Make yourself a badge, okay? Here's mine, with my link!


Would you like this for trumpet08?

I don't know if you want this... but would you take this for your book13?

I have some cards you might like and . Would you like me to hold them for you?

Oh, sure! Thank you! I'll try to find something for you soon :)

Just wondering if you'd like me to hold for you?

and for protect15 and hachi4?

Sorry x_______X...I'm currently not accepting Sketch D:!! I should have made that clearer earlier x__X...I'm so sorry! would you like me to hold them for you??

Well, I might as well try...
Since SOS is a higher priority for you, would you take for sketch11?

Well...I'm not trading any of my futures :/...even for currents D: Sorry ;__;!

Hi there~ Would you possibly be interested in trading thorn03 for key18? :3

I would be very interested :D
Here you go -->

Thank you ^^

Thanks a lot :D

for the nice little unwanted15 you've got for me?

Yes of course :D!
Thanks a lot! <3


I won't be updating my post right away though...have to run!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hey, I've noticed you don't have , so will you take it for the straight07 you're holding for me?

Yes I will ;D
Here you go--->
Thank you!

Would you want a hold on ?

Would love to, but I haven't been having time to be active lately It would probably be a few weeks, to month (possibly more o.0), till I would get a chance to repay you ;__;. Sorry!

Yes, definitely--->


Dropping by with a random gift:

Finally got your summon16. ^^; Sorry it took so long!

That wasn't that long...(sorry for replying late though XD)
Thanks a lot for the summon!!! Really appreciated ♥
Here yah go :D-->

Anything in my tradepile you might be interested in for the underage20? :3 (I was on hiatus when you made offered it to me before, apologies that I never did reply.;;;)

Ahh it's alright ;)...I've been on a little hiatus these days to D: (sorry if I replied a bit late)...
Well that 10th13 looks kinda shiny :3...I was planning on starting that deck soon ;).

Oooo shiny card :DD (ie: yes of course =]!)
Here you go-->


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